[ comfort zone ]’s new Aromasoul Elements Massage

by Samantha 4. April 2012 04:20

[ comfort zone ]’s Aromasoul ritual is said to offer the ultimate of massage experiences. Taking inspiration from around the world, the massage incorporates ancient techniques, designed to take you on a multi-sensorial journey to stimulate the mind, body and soul. Something I very much needed!

With all my knots, aches and pains (I’m currently putting my body through a gruelling training programme), I was super excited to be one of the first to try this unique and original treatment before it hit the salons and spas. I loved the concept of combining the four aromasoul worlds into one massage treatment and was curious to see how this would be done and how I would feel about the techniques used.

From the start, the ritual took me on a journey of four distinct worlds; the exotic oriental cultures, the vibrant and warm diversity of the Mediterranean, the multi coloured world and life philosophy of India and finally, the ancient and mesmerizing world of the desert tribes, the Berbers. I was first asked to smell a selection of essential oils and pick my favourite. (Apparently this signifies which oil your body is most craving.) In my case it was the oriental (calming) oil. Taking in deep breaths at my therapists request, I immediately fell into a sense of euphoria as all the different massage techniques came together to take me on a journey of strength and vitality.

The techniques used, ranged from deep tissue movements to a light glide over the skin with the therapist’s fingertips. One technique which I really enjoyed and which I have not experienced in a massage before, was an ankle and hip rotation movement, where by the therapist gently rotated my joints. This movement helps find a sense of profound grounding, completing the journey of the four aromasoul worlds.

For anyone who loves to try something different yet thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable, [ comfort zone ]’s new Aromasoul Elements Massage is an absolute must!

[ comfort zone ]’s Aromasoul Elements Massage, starting from £55, nationwide at selected spas and salons. www.comfortzoneskincare.com.



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